On the 31st January 2019, the Freight and Logistics Council held its annual planning workshop to discuss the strategic freight and logistics issues facing Western Australia.

Representatives from industry and Government came together to discuss and debate the key challenges and opportunities and what the focus of the Freight and Logistics Council’s 2019 Work Program should be.

A diverse group of people from road and rail transport, logistics providers, unions, industry associations, Ports, State and Local Government attended, with the common themes discussed including:

  • Industry and Government engagement through collaboration and accountability;
  • Industry sustainability and the ability to respond to policy, environmental and technological changes;
  • Revisiting metropolitan and regional freight strategies, identifying constraints and prioritising areas for investment in order to improve productivity;
  • Protection of strategic freight corridors and logistics land; and
  • Developing and maintaining a social licence for the freight industry to operate.

The Council’s 2019 Work Program will now be finalised and Council members appointed for the year.

See our work for information on the Council’s 2018 Work Program and please subscribe to our network if you would like to keep updated on Council activities.

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