Our Work

Our Work

Freight and Logistics Council of WA - Work Program

Protection of freight corridors

Ongoing advocacy for the need to protect freight corridors in order to provide for effective and efficient supply chains now and into the future.

State Planning Policy 5.4 Road and Rail Noise


Freight rail noise

Co-ordinating a proactive industry based response to better manage impacts associated with freight rail transport.

The Freight Rail Information Sheets developed by the Council's Freight Rail Working Group provide information on freight rail in Western Australia, the management of freight rail noise and tips to reduce noise within your home.

Further information on freight rail and a list of contacts is available on the Department of Transport website.

Inner harbour efficiencies

Identifying opportunities to improve land transport efficiencies to and from the Inner Harbour, while containing community impacts.

Freight strategy

Engaging with Federal, State and Local Governments on the development of regional and metropolitan freight strategies, to ensure that constraints and opportunities across the freight and logistics industry are identified and investment is prioritised accordingly.  

Social licence for freight

A project to increase community awareness and understanding of the freight task and the role freight plays in our everyday lives through the development of a targeted awareness campaign designed to inform, educate and promote the importance of freight.

A Social Licence Desktop Review Report in 2018 reviewed existing national and international research and programs related to developing a social licence for freight.  The Council is now undertaking community research to identify community attitudes towards freight and logistics across the Perth metropolitan area and will publish its findings in mid 2019.  These findings will inform the development of a targeted awareness campaign.  

The ‘Freight Matters’ video produced by Main Roads WA demonstrates the important role road transport plays in our everyday lives.

Infrastructure investment

Providing strategic input on freight and logistics infrastructure needs, including into the Infrastructure WA (IWA) process, and encouraging the development and introduction of policies that best deliver those needs.

Click here for more information on Infrastructure WA


Engaging with and providing meaningful industry input into the Westport project to ensure that optimal outcomes are achieved for the freight and logistics sector, including the finalisation of a Metropolitan Intermodal Strategy to provide certainty in investment decisions and planning.

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Actively seeking to understand what is happening with technology developments in freight and logistics and keeping members and the broader industry informed on these new developments.

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