The National Location Registry will provide essential data to the Transport & Logistics industry and we welcome post lockdown feedback to assist future planning

National Location Registry Project

FLCWA were given an overview of the National Location Registry Project last week. The Registry is a Commonwealth Initiative and In keeping with the supply chain efficiency pillar of the National Freight & Supply Chain strategy, it will provide essential data to drive productivity improvements in the Transport & Logistics industry.

The National Location Registry is a digital registry where attribute information about physical pickup and delivery locations is digitally stored and accessible to authorised users. The registry will host detailed, consistent, and verified information that location owners and occupiers publish about the physical locations relevant to their operations providing critical data to industry.

Currently the process of collecting and exchanging information about physical locations is an entirely manual process, right across the country. This can result in a variety of operational delays and/or failures in the process of physical deliveries of goods. Having a common and consistent way of capturing and disseminating accurate location data will bring industry wide benefits by providing the opportunity to digitise this important part of the process. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Accurate records about location parameters provides confidence that deliveries will be carried out as planned and not adversely impacted by unforeseen or unknown site restrictions
  • Reduced data errors and ambiguity
  • Reduced administration burden
  • Single source of truth
  • Efficient – create information once, share with many
  • Reduced delivery errors
  • Reduced duplication of records and/or multiple versions

See the GS1 Australia website for more information and the full National Location Registry Executive Brief.

Post Lockdown Feedback

The State Emergency Coordinators Directorate (SECD) is seeking feedback from Industry in relation to their experiences and general observations over the recent 5-day lockdown and the subsequent transitional week of restrictions. If you or anyone you know has been impacted by the lockdown and transition back to full operations please let us know and we’ll collate the feedback, to assist the SECD in future planning.

Freight and Logistics Industry Liaison Services

Reminder that FLCWA is seeking Expressions of Interest to Provide Freight and Logistics Industry Liaison Services. Please email your expression of interest to secretariat@flcwa.com.au by Friday, 19th February 2021, 5pm. See our previous update here for more information.

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