• We are working on creating a triage unit to assist Police with border issues, this is being done in collaboration with Main Roads Western Australia.
  • Our Roadhouse Map has now been live for almost two weeks. To ensure the information is as up to date as possible we ask that you please provide any feedback on the current state of roadhouses experienced by your front-line workers.
  • The next phase of development of the data hub will be completed by the end of the week and a demonstration is being arranged.
  • Woolworths and Coles have both seen a decline in demand with their supply improving. They continue to provide online shopping to those who are vulnerable and in self-imposed isolation.
  • Following our Air Demand Survey which went out last week, we’ve now connected various Freight Forwarders with DPIRD who will work collaboratively on developing a model for an ongoing air freight service.
  • We continue to work closely with DPIRD and other key organisations in addressing issues with regional supplies.
  • We are finalising the commercial elements of the Driver Exchange Program and it is expected to go live later this week.
  • We are looking to develop a forecasting tool to understand where potential workforce shortages may arise and if there are any training or skill gaps we can identify early.

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