Roadhouse Map

Roadhouse Map

The following map has been created for freight drivers and shows the latest information on opening house and services available along major routes. This map is not an exhaustive list of businesses, and freight drivers are encouraged to make their own independent decisions about where to stop.

The list of suppliers on this map is a representative selection of all suppliers across Western Australia compiled for the single purpose of providing freight drivers timely information on the availability of services in the wake of closures and restrictions in response to COVID-19. FLCWA has no responsibility for the accuracy of the information along Western Australia’s freight routes.

If you own and/or operate a service station, road house or rest stop and would like to be included on the map, please supply the following information to  Address, contact phone number, opening hours, and whether or not the following services are currently available: showers, toilets, takeaway food, restaurant, accommodation, diesel fuel, wifi and parking for road trains/B-doubles.

The accuracy of the information contained within the map relies on regular feedback from business owners, freight drivers and others. If you find that any information is incorrect, please contact

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