This semester the Freight and Logistics Council of WA had the opportunity to work with Curtin University to share with students the importance of freight and logistics considerations in urban and regional planning.

Following a presentation on WA’s freight and logistics activity and the importance of protecting strategic freight corridors and logistics land, we took the students to Fremantle Port, where they learnt about urban port planning and its challenges.  At the Port we saw a container ship and a car carrier ship being unloaded, along with two freight rail trains headed to the Port.  We also visited North Coogee, where students saw firsthand the proximity of residential development to freight rail operations and were also fortunate to speak directly with a local resident.

To close out the topic, the students held a debate on whether strategic freight corridors should be included within the Metropolitan Regional Scheme and participated in a futuristic freight planning activity.  The students developed ideas as to what a globally recognised freight friendly city would look like in 2040.  We had some creative ideas presented, including:

  • Automated, double stacked, magnetic freight rail to inland intermodal terminals
  • Mobile warehouses on ships, where freight is transported by drone, from the ship direct to customer
  • Underground hyperloops transporting containers from the Port to an inland terminal
  • Electric freight trains and electric trucks, powered by renewable energy

We have an exciting freight and logistics future ahead with this group as our future planners!

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