As Western Australian companies begin to return to their workplaces, the WA Freight and Logistics Industry has taken decisive steps towards protecting drivers, customers and the community.

These steps will also help mitigate the risk of incidents like that in Victoria where a delivery driver, who was COVID-19 positive, forced the closure of 12 restaurants.

Under the WA plan, a comprehensive online training course supported by a public awareness campaign has been developed.  The COVID-19 Awareness Training for Commercial Vehicle Operators course was developed by local organisation, Driver Risk Management.

Drivers and staff who successfully complete the online course, will be issued with a certificate and a sign to display within their vehicles.

This is a positive action taken by WA’s Freight and Logistics Council to help ensure we all remain safe, as WA returns to the new normal.

If you would like further information, see here or please contact:

Cam Dumesny | CEO Western Roads Federation
0481 064371

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