FLCWA Update – June 23

Hard Border closure to NSW as of 11.00am 23rd of June

Following updated health advice related to the COVID-19 outbreak in New South Wales, WA has strengthened its border controls to reduce the risk of the virus coming into the WA community.

NSW has transitioned from ‘very low risk’ (with a test and quarantine regime) to ‘medium risk’ under our controlled interstate border, effective from 11am today (23 June). This returns us to hard border arrangements with New South Wales.

Under the medium risk classification, travel from or through NSW is no longer permitted, except for exempt travellers.

This also applies to anyone who may have been in NSW since 11 June and has not subsequently been in a ‘very low risk’ State or Territory for 14 days – this includes anyone travelling from the ACT who has travelled into NSW in that time.

The exemption list is limited to:

  • certain senior Government officials;
  • certain active military personnel;
  • a member of the Commonwealth Parliament;
  • a person carrying out functions under a law of the Commonwealth;
  • a person responsible for transport freight or logistics; and
  • anyone who is given approval by State Emergency Coordinator or an authorised officer.

The final category includes compassionate reasons – including those Western Australians that may have travelled to NSW recently and need to return to WA. These people will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by WA Police and arrivals will be required to complete 14 days of self-quarantine and be tested for COVID-19 on arrival and on day 11.

Anyone who has previously arrived from NSW since in the past two weeks should continue to monitor their symptoms and get tested immediately if any develop. In line with previous advice, anyone who has recently arrived from NSW and was at an exposure site are required to get tested and self-quarantine for 14 days from the date of exposure.

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