• FLCWA met with the Logistics Training Council to discuss opportunities to collaborate in the future.
  • Our Social License Working Group to meet again in the next few weeks to progress development of a campaign to inform, educate and promote the importance of freight. We aim to increase community awareness and understanding of the freight task and the role freight plays in our lives.
  • We continue to facilitate an air freight working group comprised of IFAM, Austrade, DPIRD, Tigers, AMI, and FTA to discuss and create a sustainable supply chain for the WA market. IFAM has applied to the Federal Government for a reissue of assistance to the Exporters, that is important to the continued trade of food export from WA and Australia. Equally important is the import of goods, which we identified as being impacted upon should the export reduce due to funding.
  • The methodology requires collaboration between exporters, freight forwarders, consolidators and airlines for a ‘round trip’ service that in initial stages would require assistance to start but would become self-sustainable. The upside to the future of international airfreight of WA would be a potential recurrence of freighter aircraft, that has only been on an adhoc basis. Please let us know if you want to participate in discussions.
  • We recently participated in discussions about Biosecurity access arrangements for the land transport industry. Key issues included:
    • the size of biosecurity designated areas and the significant impacts on the movement of freight across Australia
    • communication difficulties experienced when the biosecurity measures were urgently introduced in March.
  • The State Government recently announced their partnership with the Commonwealth Government to boost the Regional Road Safety Improvement Program. The program will be delivered immediately in 2020-21 and will see around 1,400 kilometres of roads treated, with shoulder sealing and audible edge lines being installed in every region of WA.
  • We will be inviting feedback from the Industry for your views on the Freight Strategy refresh.

COVID-19 Restrictions Update
Western Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions will be relaxed even further, as WA’s roadmap is updated. From 27 June 2020Phase 4 of the COVID-19 roadmap will be implemented.

WA’s hard border closure remains in place.

Restrictions on entry to remote Aboriginal communities remain in place to protect the health and wellbeing of residents. The restrictions are set out in the WA Government’s Remote Aboriginal Communities Directions.

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