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FLCWA Update – 03 June 2021

The Federal Government are proud to launch the National Freight Data Hub Prototype Website and Transport Industry Updates

The Freight and Logistics Council of Western Australia supports the recent launch of the National Freight Data Hub Prototype website.

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications is developing the National Freight Data Hub in close consultation with industry, governments and other stakeholders.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said the Hub will be a trusted source of freight data for industry, government and others to improve the efficiency, safety and resilience of the freight sector.

“The Hub will highlight important information about traffic volumes, congestion, road condition and rest area usage, to improve road safety for the nation’s freight operators,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Please visit the below link to visit the press release regarding the Data Hub and secondly, the Proto Type website.



An Update from this weeks WAPOL Industry Liaison call the council attends each Wednesday

  • Victorians who have been in an exposure site in Vic after the 19th of May will have to present for testing and quarantine when entering WA.
  • NSW and ACT restrictions came in overnight for exposure zones, and I have posted on our Linkedin page.
  • New Maritime Direction has been published but will not effective until the 2nd of July. Please contact Matt Bronickis if you would like to see the new directions matt@mattpbconsulting.com.
  • A small fallout occurred at the state border with truck operators due to the rapid changes, that has now been rectified
  • Some potential future changes in Essential services definitions to occur in line with the VIC recent changes.
  • G2G test has been rolled out at specific testing sites that will be used to track testing in the near future.

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