Next Step for Infrastructure WA

Next Step for Infrastructure WA
Next Step for Infrastructure WA
22 FEB 2019

Legislation to establish Infrastructure WA was introduced to Parliament on 20th February.

In the next step towards progressing the establishment of Infrastructure WA (IWA), the Infrastructure Western Australia Bill 2019 was introduced to Parliament on 20 February 2019. 

The Bill has been developed based on the proposal that was released for public consultation in February 2018, with several key changes to reflect stakeholder feedback. A copy of the Bill can be accessed on the Parliament website. The Premier also announced Mr John Langoulant as Chair-designate, and he will play a critical role in the pre-establishment phase of Infrastructure WA.

Infrastructure WA’s priority task following formal commencement will be the preparation of the State Infrastructure Strategy. This will identify the State’s infrastructure needs and priorities over the next 20 years and will provide the strategic direction required to encourage investment, facilitate economic growth and create jobs.  Subject to Parliamentary processes, it is anticipated that Infrastructure WA will commence around mid-2019.

For further information on IWA, visit the Infrastructure WA webpage which has links to key documentation, including a consultation report which provides a summary of feedback received on the draft model. 



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