How Westport will assess its options

How Westport will assess its options
How Westport will assess its options
17 APR 2019

Do you know what an MCA is? Why is Westport using one?

Westport’s task of formulating a strategy to accommodate Perth's future freight demands is broad and complex. Assessing the extensive list of possible options must be done in a clear, transparent and robust manner. 

The Westport Taskforce is using multi-criteria analysis (MCA) to evaluate its options; this is the systematic decision-making tool recommended by Infrastructure Australia. Utilising criteria covering environmental, social, economic, land use, governance and operational impacts, the MCA process will enable Westport to identify the best long-term option/s for the State.

Westport will be conducting two main MCA stages – MCA-1 and MCA-2.

MCA-1 will:

  • determine the performance of the long-list of options;
  • exclude non-competitive options; and
  • result in a shortlist of options.

MCA-2 will put the shortlisted options through a more robust quantitative assessment in partnership with a cost-benefit analysis. This will result in the preferred solution/s being determined.

Read about the MCA methodology in Issue 3 of the Westport Beacon:

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