26 JUN 2020

FLCWA Chair, Nicole Lockwood, appointed to Freight Industry Reference Panel, and IWA seeks feedback on their State Infrastructure Strategy Discussion Paper

  • The Australian Government has announced a new Freight Industry Reference Panel on behalf of the Transport and Infrastructure Council.  FLCWA Chair, Nicole Lockwood has been appointed to this group.  The new Panel will provide industry a clear line of sight on implementation of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy.
  • Although there has been an increase in COVID-19 cases in Australia, we would like to support and reinforce the message that there is no need to panic buy.  Precautionary measures and purchase limits have been reinstated nationwide to allow potential demand increases to be met.  Remember to: only buy what you need, shop locally, stick to purchase limits and treat our essential workers with respect.
  • While we have done a fantastic job in flattening the curve, and as the restrictions start to lift, we'd like to remind everyone to continue to be vigilant.
    • Ensure the highest of hygiene standards at all times
    • If you have access to PPE equipment, ensure your staff are using it
    • Maintain social distancing.
  • Infrastructure Western Australia is now seeking feedback on their ‘A Stronger Tomorrow - State Infrastructure Strategy Discussion Paper’.  Please provide input by 21 August 2020 and to find more information see here.
  • We will be attending the Department of Transport led ‘Our cities in transition to low and net zero emissions’ workshop next week.  The workshop includes a livestream webinar that you may be interested in registering as part of the FLCWA industry network.  Register for this free seminar here.
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