Here’s what we’re working on:

  • Our Freight and Logistics Recovery Planning working group met today to discuss the best way to go forward, that benefits the whole supply chain post COVID-19.  We came up with five priority areas identified as:
    • Employee risk and monitoring program
    • Forecasting commercial distress and preparing for change
    • The Workforce, skill gaps and training in a rapidly changing environment
    • Potential Modal Shifts
    • Examining potential policy and systemic change to support effective supply chains and how Government can support this.
  • We are finalising the development of our COVID-19 Safe Transport online training course and will conduct testing before it goes live next week.
    • The model includes certification of completion and a vehicle sticker to signify that the Driver has undertaken the COVID-19 Safe Transport training course
    • We are also developing a marketing campaign to build awareness and encourage businesses and the community to use certified drivers
  • PPE procurement – we have some masks available from our first shipment of supplies.  If you want to put in an order you can do so here. If you need help sourcing PPE get in touch with us.

Other news:

Following broad industry consultation and further consideration of the impacts on industry, the Australian Government has made the decision not to proceed with the Onshore Biosecurity Levy.  We advocated that the levy be reconsidered, so the decision is welcomed by us and certainly, the industry at large.

More information is available here.

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