With restrictions on some activities beginning to ease and people interacting with others more regularly, we’d like to remind everyone to continue to remain vigilant with our health and safety.

Workplace Protocols

To provide further practical advice and support for employers and employees, Safe Work Australia has established an online portal that provides COVID-19 work health and safety advice and resources for specific industries, to ensure they conduct their activities in a way that will minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

These includes resources specifically geared towards warehousing and logisticsroad freightstevedores and portsdelivery drivers and retail.

There is also general information available on physical distancing and cleaning and disinfecting practices to help workplace teams protect their health.  Click here for more.

Planning Toolkit

The National COVID-19 Coordination Commission has developed a planning toolkit to help businesses develop their COVIDSafe Plan and adapt their operations to meet the requirements of operating during the pandemic.

Biosecurity Area COVID-19 Risk Management Plan

If you are using a COVID-19 Risk Management Plan approved by a  Human Biosecurity Officer in Western Australia, please continue to reaffirm the contents of your Risk Plans with your staff to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities.

There have been instances of persons being approved to enter Biosecurity Areas, particularly the Kimberley Region, on the condition of an approved Risk Plan that have been non-compliant.  These issues relate mostly to persons being unaware of the contents and requirements of their Risk Plan and therefore being unable to comply.

Risk Plans are approved on the basis of compliance and if persons are found to be non-compliant their future entry into the Biosecurity Areas may be at risk.

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