We have been in discussions with the WA Police and new directions will be in place shortly. We recommend Industry follow these instructions.

We have updated our protocols to reflect the key points for industry, as per the national framework and will put this on our website as soon as the new directions are formalised.

New directions for transport and logistics workers 

These new requirements override all previous directions for transport and logistics workers.

Freight workers:

  • At the border you will be checked for proof of testing within the previous 7 days – you will need to provide a slip from a testing facility that shows your name and date you attended – you do not need to provide results.
  • If you cross the border and you don’t have proof of a test, then you will need to be tested within 48 hours, you do not need to isolate whilst waiting for the results.
  • If you do receive a positive test result you must call the number listed in the direction and talk to a health officer, they will assist in finding a quarantine facility and identifying appropriate arrangements for your vehicle and freight load.
  • If you receive a positive result and are travelling with a co-driver they must also call the number listed in the direction and talk to a health officer who will be able to assist.
  • Whilst on route you must follow all the regular protocols (eg sanitising, physical distancing etc)
  • To assist with contact tracing, drivers must complete a record of all close contacts which must be available on request.  A close contact is a face-to-face contact for 15 minutes or more, or a person sharing an enclosed space for over 2 hours.
  • Passengers – you can only travel with other exempt workers (eg two-up)
  • In order to determine the 7-day period – day one starts at midnight on the day you have the test.

Freight companies:  

  • must have in place appropriate protocols and procedures to assist workers.
  • need to have plans in place to assist drivers including procedures to arrange for cleaning the cab, replacement driver and assisting in the coordination of quarantine requirements.
  • are responsible for ensuring that the test results of their workers remain negative throughout the testing period.

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