• We’re continuing to work with the Police to resolve border issues and appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through this together.
  • Our Demand for Air Freight survey is live and we’d like to encourage as many people as possible to fill this in, please share with your networks.
  • Further Truck stop information has now been mapped and we are working with the NHVR to share this data. Updated maps will be uploaded on our website soon.
  • We will be communicating the process to apply for border exemptions with our wider network of businesses.
  • Draft industry isolation protocols are being finalised and will be up on our website shortly, we will also circulate this via email.
  • We continue to progress work on the Driver Exchange Program and supporting training, and finalising the procurement protocols for the supply of hygiene and sanitisation products.
  • Working groups have been established for the three priority risk areas and will meet to consider implications over a number of time horizons and to identify mitigation actions.
    • Reduced workforce availability due to COVID-19 infections.
    • Disrupted access to a critical route, service, terminal or distribution point with limited or no alternative/substitute.
    • Commercial distress.
A huge effort from many businesses, both within our Member network and externally, has gone into keeping freight moving in response to Covid-19. Today we’d like to extend our thanks to Pascal from WSP who has helped develop the commercial interface linking drivers and organisations for our Driver Exchange Program. He is also part of the Scenario Planning risk identification and mitigation for workforce sustainability risks and has assisted the team in evolving the mapping data requirements, identifying and connecting new sources of data.

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