WA Supply Chain Covid Response Group Daily Update – 3 April 2020

  • We received feedback overnight on issues at the border with some drivers being told to quarantine. We are working through this with relevant departments and agencies. A reminder that no isolation is required for essential workers.
  • A reminder you can access our templates for border control checklist, declaration and framework here. These will be the standard that is expected of companies when they are applying for exemptions to travel.
  • We will be communicating with businesses the process to apply for border exemptions as soon as the information is available.
  • We are working on confirming isolation best practice for Industry when a worker is identified as having a positive result or shows symptoms for Covid-19. We will communicate this as soon as we have a process in place.
  • We’re finalising the procurement protocols for the purchase of hygiene and sanitation products and will distribute this to industry as soon as possible.
  •  We’re now liaising with industry in relation to the implementation of the proposed Driver Exchange Program and expect this to be up and running next week.
  • Testing the functionality of the WA Supply Chain Intelligence Data Hub has commenced.
  • The Air Freight group is meeting next week to scope out how to create a more sustainable solution to the current WA agri-food air freight situation.
  • We are finalising the road house map which will be live on the website imminently. This will be made available here by the end of today.

Important update: We’ve sought advice from The Department of Health, on behalf of industry, for drivers who came into contact with officer who has tested positive to the Kununurra/NT checkpoint between Sunday March 29 and Wednesday April 1.

The following advice has been given to those who believe they may have been in contact with the officer:
The Department of Health only requires people to go into self-isolation if:

  • they have tested positive to COVID-19; and
  • have been in “close contact” with a confirmed case of COVID-19 – close contact is defined as having more than 15 minutes face to face contact with an infected person or shared a closed space with a confirmed case for a prolonged period (e.g. more than two hours)
  • Any ordinary contact through the checkpoint should not be of concern
  • A range of information is available via the COVID-19 website  This includes the latest information on how to best protect yourself from COVID-19.

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