We’ve worked with Main Roads HVS and put together some of the FAQ’s based on some of the common queries received around the border restrictions. You can download these here.

We’ve also received an update on the Eucla border, which often has no signal, and how companies can work around the restrictions. See below for more details.

The Eucla border doesn’t always have signal. To work around this, drivers need to print a copy of the PDF G2G license that they receive on email when their application is approved. If they have that with their driver’s license that will be enough.

Two up drivers, should have a copy of their app/paperwork and their driver’s license, and those of the sleeping driver, so they not be woken.

A reminder to ensure all drivers crossing the WA border and various regional borders remember to apply for the State border as well as the regional border when they apply through G2G.

For more border resouces see our dedicated page.

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