Container Exhibition

Container Exhibition
Container Exhibition
01 JUL 2019

Ever wonder how containerised trade revolutionised the way we live today?

The Freight and Logistics Council of WA (FLCWA) is excited to be working with the National Maritime Museum, the Western Australian Museum and Fremantle Ports to bring the Container exhibition to Fremantle in November 2019. 

Container is a free, outdoor, interactive exhibition exploring the history and impact of containerisation.  Australia is an island nation dependent on the container and the maritime industry.  It is impossible to overestimate the role of the humble shipping container in the making of today's world.  From the food on our plates to the shape of our cities, the worldwide adoption of containerised trade during the second half of the twentieth century has revolutionised the way we live in profound ways.

Container has been created by the Australian National Maritime Museum to demonstrate the importance and impact shipping containers have on the transportation of goods, through providing insight into how containers have changed the way we share, produce and consume goods.  The outdoor exhibition is dedicated entirely to the history and impact of the humble shipping container and goes beyond the corrugated steel to reveal the fascinating story of this revolutionary maritime invention. Housed entirely within specially modified 20-foot containers, the exhibition quite literally takes visitors inside the ‘box’ to explore the geographic, economic, technical, environmental, social, and cultural history and impact of containerisation.

Container is a two-year travelling exhibition that started in Darling Harbour and has since visited Wollongong, Wagga Wagga and Narrabri.  The exhibition will complete its regional NSW tour in Dubbo, before travelling to Fremantle to be on display for a period of six months from November 2019 to April 2020, following which it will head to Darwin.

Further information on the Container exhibition is available on the National Maritime Museum’s website and includes some videos showing the exhibition in action.

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