From the Council Chair

This State has a proud history of freight councils, having established the first in Australia in the mid 1990’s, a model that was subsequently adopted right around the country.

Freight councils were traditionally modally-based, Western Australia at one stage having separate road, rail, sea and air groups.

As industry  moved towards a broader multi-modal view of freight, however, it was appropriate that freight councils follow suit.

Consequently, the Freight and Logistics Council of Western Australia was established in March 2009 by the State’s Minister for Transport, to deal with the new industry dynamic.

The key philosophy underpinning our freight council is to be a high level conduit between industry and Government to ensure better strategic policy outcomes relating to supply chain efficiency.

Against that background, this web- site is designed to provide up-to-date news on the work of the Freight and Logistics Council of Western Australia and the important issues it is tackling.

I hope that you find it informative and interesting reading.

Nicole Lockwood